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Improving Speech in Parkinson's Disease - What is LSVT LOUD® and what can I expect?

Everyone can agree that eating healthy foods, drinking water, getting fresh air, and exercising our bodies are ways we can improve our health. Just as we work to strengthen our bodies, it's also important for us to strengthen our voice! As a person living with Parkinson's Disease, there is potential for voice changes to occur such as decreased vocal loudness, increased hoarseness, and slurred speech. These changes sometimes lead to difficulty communicating effectively with loved ones and even increased social isolation.

As licensed speech-language pathologists and certified Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) LOUD® providers, we have completed specialized training to work with patients to improve these changes in voice and speech function. The program is an intensive, exercise-baed program completed in-office or via telehealth 4x/week for 4 weeks.

Following completion of the LSVT LOUD® program, patients may experience the following results:

  • Improved loudness

  • Decreased slurred speech

  • Improved articulation

  • Improved intonation

  • Increased facial expressions during communication

Now is the perfect time for you to begin your journey to vocal health and to get your voice back! To get started, contact our office at (912)299-2394. We'd love to be on your team!

For more information about LSVT LOUD®, visit their website at, email at, or call at 1-888-438-5788.

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