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Etiquette & Dress Code

  1. Students are expected to maintain a professional demeanor at all times. This includes being punctual, attentive, and respectful towards patients, staff, and fellow observers.

  2. We expect active listening throughout sessions. Students should refrain from interrupting or speaking over patients or therapists.

  3. Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance. Students should not discuss patient cases outside of the clinic or share any patient information on social media or other platforms.

  4. Students should always ask permission before participating in any aspect of patient care or interacting with patients.

  5. Always respect the personal space and boundaries of patients and staff members.

  6. Students are prohibited from recording therapy sessions or taking photos within the clinic.​


Dress Code:

  1. The dress code for student observers is either scrubs or business casual attire. Scrubs should be clean and professional-looking, while business casual attire should be neat and modest.

  2. Closed-toe Shoes: Recommend wearing closed-toe shoes for safety and hygiene reasons.

  3. Students are to refrain from wearing strongly scented perfumes or colognes out of consideration for patients who may have sensitivities or allergies.

  4. It is important to present oneself professionally through grooming and personal hygiene.

Physical Therapy Session

We love teaching!

If you're a university student interested in observing one of our fabulous physical, occupational, or speech therapists, be sure to fill out the contact information. We'll be in touch with more information and availability.

Student Observation Request

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